Monte Municipal Park (Leite Monteiro Park) is located in the upper part of Funchal at the altitude of more that 500 meters above the sea level. The park was constructed around the Monte Palace in the end of the 19th century. The park is designed in the oriental style and is covered by indigenous and exotic species. Numerous paved pedestrian walkways lead down to the Monte palace and the pond from the entrance. You may enjoy a relaxing freshness of this tropical park, oriental calmness of small ponds with goldfish and a picturesque lake near the Palace.

If the weather is not sunny, it could be rather chilly in the park especially in the morning.
Before you enter the park (or after the visit there) you may take the stairs to a panorama point near the Church of Our Lady in Monte (Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Monte).

On the way back from Monte you may experience a Madeira toboggan ride: two men bring you down to Funchal in a traditional wicker basket sledge with a speed up to 30 km per hour. When you finish the ride at Caminho do Monte, 82, you may either take a taxi (which is rather expensive at this location) or take a bus 19 to the city center.


Take the cable car from the center of Funchal (Av. do Mar). You can also go there by car of you are not afraid of driving on steep narrow streets. There is a free parking near the entrance to the park.
By Bus

Take the bus 22 from the city center to the terminal stop `Babosas'.

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